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yet another community to add to the vast, obscure list. i originally created this community based on the same concept that you would find on blogspot. post an album that you love with a brief description, and a link for download. there's a few aspects that i feel need adjusting with the ones you typically see.

this is a community! rather than having one person give us recommendations, it can be anyone. a good ol' free for all.

rather than stick to any genre that may be trending, go against the damn grain! if there's a fuckin' gospel album you like, for fucks sake, post it!

possibly the most important idea: don't limit us to music! if there is a short film that you get your kicks from, share it with all of us! is there some surreal art that you found that totally blew your world off tilt? have you seen a brilliant sculpture that made your tear ducts well up with salty goodness??

we are here. the freaks, weirdos, and squares alike. no one is turned down. there are no rules. lets make it not safe for work. lets make it uncomfortable. then lets flip it over and make a place of serene transcending beauty.

i am your official non moderating moderator. welcome!

disclaimer: i might have to take that last statement back. if you happen to own the rights to copyright material posted here, and you want it taken down, please contact me. i'll be more than happy to oblige.
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